Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pandora's Box

Yesterday I went over my friend's house and I watched Avatar for the first time. I was always kind of skeptical about this movie since it was a smash hit immediately in the theaters and I hate to love what everybody else does. I have to say I'm blown away by this movie. From the first couple of minutes, I was transported to the world which the people of Na'vi call Pandora, which is their homeland. I grew to love and appreciate it just like the natives, just like Jake Sully did.

Basically the condensed version of this movie is about Jake Sully, a injured war veteran who gets recruited to learn the ways of the Na'vi and communicate through an avatar, controlled by his conscience. As usual the U.S. wanted to infiltrate and take over. The more he learned about the ways of the Na'vi and had been accepted as one of The People, he no longer realized what his mission was or what side he was on. He was more attached to the world of Pandora than his own.

I could see why; the scenery, the people, the way they looked at life, at their planet was so awe inspiring. Pandora, spirituality and their god Eywa were at the center of their life. They were so connected to and respected their planet so much it made me mad. The U.S. didn't understand how important and vital the environment was to the people of Na'vi they were so quick to destroy it for their own gain. I wanted to cry.

It made me think about what the U.S. always do and these 2 words kept popping through my head: deploy and destroy. & then we leave with the destruction in our wake. That's what we do time after time, and it's crazy what we're doing.

I got so lost in the world of Pandora, I could care less about this one. But it also made me look at it differently and for that I'm grateful.

I look at it like this: I am of this world but I also inhabit the world of music, wishing I could be a permanent native. Living and experiencing things in that world helps me to see things in this world & hopefully help me to show a new way to look at things for others.
I am reborn after this experience.

"I see you."

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