Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...

I've survived the first decade of 2000! And I'm about to be 19, my last teen year. =]

I'm back home. For how long, I have no idea. I have to get used to being back here, I adored the freedom and solitude down in Columbus. Here there's rules and restrictions that I have to adhere to. I have to get a job, I need an internship this summer. I have to put myself in the position to be seen as a canidate for them with some credentials. Fashion blog and fashion column at my new school. Since Cleveland is not really big on fashion, like knowing designers, I have to spin it differently, and having the fashion blog will give me a chance to talk and just mush over fashion, post some of my outfits and inspirations and just give me a platform if I want a fashion internship this summer.

Yes, I have a lot of drive and so many ambitions. But I have no fun. This year I wanna do things differently. I don't really have New Years Resolutions but I have an idea of some of the things that I want to do.

  1. Learn how to cook
  2. Bake more
  3. Learn how to skateboard
  4. Write more
  5. Photograph more
  6. Revamp my look; I wanna dress how I want to
  7. Live and live with no regrett

There's more but I've forgotten. This list seems doable. Life is really about creating your own oppurtunities and make the most of the ones placed before you. I really have none to waste if I wanna get where I want to be.