Sunday, May 9, 2010

Future Plans

Saw this tweet a couple of days ago & it had me thinking. Where do I think I'll be in the next 18 months? I hate to even think about a couple months from now. My mind won't even let myself go that far into the future. To me it looks dark and bleak, because of the present.

It's crazy how I used to stay up every night till almost 2 in the morning, dreaming, planning, writing for my future. I didn't care what time I had to get up in the morning. I loved my sleep but I lived for my future. That's what kept me up night after night. Now, I usually go to sleep at 12; 1 if I'm really feeling daring. My current state of mind at that time was," I have to be responsible, I go to college." That was what I thought would get me out of my situation. I had to be focused. But I wasn't living, I really wasn't thinking at all. I slept soundly, while many other people, were grinding, chasing after and working towards what they live for.

I want to wake up every morning, tired as hell, knowing that I worked my ass off on something that's apart of and contributing to my future. I want to know that I'm one step closer to my dreams becoming an reality. I plan to devote my heart, my soul, my everything to make this happen.

So here's to returning to late night writing & planning sessions, giving my life to something that I live for: my future. ♥

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