Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dope Sounds: Solange

So I came upon these great videos of Solange performing live. I was sad that she came to Cleveland this past week to the House of Blues and I found out the day before. :( She's so much better live than on CD which is a big feat now a days. So she covered songs like MGMT's "Electric Feel" and "Love Lockdown" and puts her own feel to it. All of which are featured in this video where she sings "Would've Been the One" off of her album.

I then watched a video of her performing one of my favorite songs "Cosmic Journey" where she adds electro-pop touches at the end.

And today I came upon a video of covering "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. She is so AMAZING!!!

Her album was[is] one of the most inspiring albums of '08 for me. It didn't[doesn't] sound like anything out there[right now]. Like a breath of fresh air. You can tell that the sound she created was just a mix of her influences, with her own spin on it. It's showing me that there's a place for me yet in the music world. As my music tastes change and evolve, so does the material that I write, and the kind of music artist that I want to be.

I just LOVE watching different musial artist perform. It inspires me and even fuels me to make my dream a reality.

Ok, enough talking.
Sammy D
The saga continues....