Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"These Thoughts"

This poem is a personal work of my own. I wrote this today when I had time to actually think. Usually I write bits and pieces of lines, but today I just went with it and wrote.

Thoughts that creep
Thoughts that seep
Thoughts that feed off of negative energy

These thoughts they greed
These thoughts don't sleep
These thoughts they live and breathe
Just like you and me
It's my brain they're inhabiting
It's my soul they're attacking
Somewhere in my heart I feel my defense is slacking
Telling me that my talent is lacking
Damn I feel so weak
Why me?

The girl they know
isn't the girl they see
It's these thoughts
they have a hold on me
Even though they're in my mind
They will never know what feels like to be me

They crowd, surround, and try to drown me
Trying to spot the promised land
I won't sink
I refuse to believe
I refuse to think
That these thoughts know what's best for me
They just want the best of me
My talent, these words, my sanity
So I'ma go after what I want because I want it
Not because I'm scared you're gunnin for it

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